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ANN PECK  Fiber Artist

Ann Peck, an American painter, is a resident of Topsham, Vermont, USA. She maintains art studios on both sides of the globe, spending half of the year in Vermont and the other half in India, accompanied by her husband, Bruce Peck, a copper plate etcher.


Ann holds a Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Drawing and Painting from Southern Illinois University. Influenced by the study of Japanese spontaneous ink painters in graduate studies, she developed an abstract style where the brushstroke became the pivotal element in the painting.


Travelling in India for the last 30 years, Ann was exposed to women’s village art and was inspired by the abstraction of nature in designs used to decorate their mud homes. Fusing abstract symbols from east and west, Ann creates provocative imagery that combines two cultures.


In 2008, Ann started the nonprofit Help-Kids-India, Inc. which supports schools for impoverished children.


“I believe that art (and craft) has the power to impact social change if we are creative and accept the challenge.”   

Ann Peck demonstrates painting on silk techniques at League of NH Craftsmen annual fair at Sunapee, NH, 2013

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